Libelle SystemCopy: Accelerated and Secure SAP Refresh

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In any SAP environment, development and test teams need access to a test environment (QAS) that is almost identical to the production environment. To achieve this, SAP refresh is an essential step in ensuring that test applications faithfully reflect the company’s actual production data.

However, manual system refreshes (the traditional method) are also costly in terms of resources and time. The Libelle SystemCopy tool has been developed to provide a reliable solution to this problem. At oXya, we are committed to constantly enhancing our customer service and have recently introduced Libelle into our service lineup; find out how.

Challenges of SAP Refresh

We all acknowledge the importance of SAP refreshes for developers before they can carry out tests and implement them on the production environment.

And generally, during the whole interval of the refresh, testing in the quality environment is blocked. Depending on your company’s size, this may mean pausing some activities and reassigning tasks. This can involve several dozen people within the organization or external consultants, so there is a cost.

Another challenge posed by manual system refreshes is the possibility of human error. While the process is estimated to take 3-5 working days  even the greatest expert can slip a carelessness error when manually replicating data. Unexpected problems often mean a delay in the planned schedule.

Libelle SystemCopy: The Fast Path to Automation

Here is where Libelle SystemCopy comes into play. Developed by Libelle IT Group in 2010, its solution automates SAP system refreshes from A to Z. Installed on a stand-alone server, it does not modify your source system or source database. Moreover, it’s compatible with all SAP environments.

Libelle simplifies the task of the SAP Basis administrator. To use it, simply:

  1. Install Libelle;
  2. Set up the actions to be performed;
  3. Run the process;
  4. Let Libelle perform the tasks automatically.

Just one initial configuration is required for Libelle to handle each subsequent step in the SAP refresh process.

From 3 Days to 10 Hours: A Considerable Time Saving!

As mentioned above, manual refreshes can take 3 to 5 days, mobilizing resources for a considerable period of time. With Libelle SystemCopy, the minimum time saving is estimated at 60%. Our experience shows that we can reduce operations to just 10 hours thanks to automation.

With hindsight, this represents a certain financial and operational gain for our customers, with a return on investment. For example, your resources will be able to return to a normal quality environment more rapidly, minimizing downtime.

Also, forget the risk of errors. After you’ve tested the process once, the refresh can be launched (and even programmed in advance!) when you need it, and reproduce all activities automatically. You can then decide to refresh your high-quality SAP instances at the last minute, simply by notifying your oXya team.

Unfailing Data Security

The security and confidentiality of production data are major concerns for our customers, especially when it comes to sensitive data such as payroll, HR, or financial info. Libelle offers you an integrated option for anonymizing and securing test data to protect it even more effectively.

This feature replaces your confidential information with fictitious data, while maintaining the integrity of the data structure. More over, we fully integrated Libelle into oXya’s service delivery framework, following the best in-class standards in terms of privilege access management with CyberArk.

Highly Flexible Configuration

In addition to all its advantages, Libelle SystemCopy is an exceptionally flexible solution. Compatible with all SAP applications, the software is custom-configured for your company’s systems, whether your infrastructure is on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid.

Every detail you wish to implement can be applied by the administrators. Have your needs changed? Process modifications can be made at any time!

In short, Libelle SystemCopy brings you benefits such as:

  • An end-to-end automated process;
  • Impressive time savings;
  • Anonymization of sensitive production data;
  • Flexibility in triggering refresh operations.

At oXya, reducing and optimizing your system maintenance time while securing your data is a top priority. When configuring Libelle SystemCopy, we tailor a solution to your needs to ensure maximum efficiency.


Do you have any questions about this product? Contact us here. Our team of experts at oXya will provide you with all the required information to guide you towards the right choice. If you’d like to move forward, we’d be pleased to work in partnership with your resources for the rapid setting up of the solution and its quick implementation.

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