Private Cloud

Proximity. Security.

Private & shared cloud solutions offer cost-effective and flexible answers to your SAP challenges, including SAP HANA.

oXya offers two types of private cloud for your SAP systems – dedicated private cloud or the oXya shared cloud.

Dedicated Private Cloud: oXya will build a tailored cloud solution for your SAP systems, based on dedicated infrastructure.

oXya Shared Cloud: a shared cloud based on an IaaS technical backbone to virtualize our customers’ servers. This infrastructure, combined with VMware technologies, is distributed across our data centers around the world. Servers managed up to OS, DB or SAP levels can be leased monthly at competitive rates.

Both private cloud solutions are available 24/7 without interruptions. oXya has many years of experience and expertise in infrastructure services, quickly provisioning infrastructure for your SAP systems, both HANA and non-HANA. Our data centers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia include the most advanced redundancy and security features.

If you have your own data center and prefer to use your infrastructure, we will set up a private cloud for you and manage it on your equipment and at the premises of your choice.

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