Securing your Information System

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Solutions to Strengthen your IS Security

The ever-increasing number of cyberthreats is prompting businesses to maximize their IS security beyond measures already in place.

To increase the protection level of your environment and that of your business, oXya can advise you and respond to your specific needs with a suite of cybersecurity solutions drawn from the best practices put in place at oXya.

Audit and Remedial Action

To address your concerns regarding your IS security level, oXya conducts technical security audits that analyze how your solutions are designed in terms of functional, technical and network architecture.

This first step identifies the most suitable solutions for strengthening your IS security.

Managed EDR

Thanks to its partnership with a major cybersecurity company, oXya can implement a managed EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) solution on servers managed by oXya.

An SOC (Security Operations Center) available 365/24/7 delivers real-time monitoring on your behalf including:

  • Threat detection and response
  • Classification of alerts and escalation
  • Provision of an action plan complementary to automatic EDR responses, where necessary.

Virtual Patching

In addition to the Trend antivirus, oXya can activate the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) module on Trend Micro agents installed on your servers.

This module blocks the exploitation of critical exploited vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched, and protects unsupported OS versions.

Antivirus for SAP

In addition to the Trend antivirus, oXya can protect the SAP NetWeaver Gateway with the Deep Security SAP Scanner solution, which analyzes downloaded documents to detect and block potential malware.

oXya installs the solution and provides monitoring dashboards.

Penetration Testing

To validate the security of your IS hosted by oXya, we offer simulated cyberattack and penetration testing on your landscape carried out by a third-party company and expert hackers.

Vulnerability Management

In addition to managing vulnerabilities on the systems we run as a service provider, oXya can deploy the Cyberwatch solution in SaaS mode across your entire IS, providing you with a consolidated view of your exposure level.

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning
  • Contextualization of criticality levels according to your IS
  • Patch observability per server
  • Dashboards according to criticality level and age
  • Deployment of security patches from the patch management module

oXya has also developed an SAP vulnerability management application available on the SAP Store. Are you not yet an oXya customer and would like to use this management application?

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