Vulnerability Management by oXya

Security. Simplicity.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use Vulnerability Management Solution to secure your SAP systems.

Simplify your SAP Vulnerability Management with oXya

The Vulnerability Management by oXya application allows you to easily manage your SAP vulnerabilities. It gives you a centralized view of your SAP instances, their active vulnerabilities and available patches, with continuously updated data. A solution that saves you hours remediating your SAP vulnerabilities and strengthens your security.

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Why choose Vulnerability Management by oXya?

View all your vulnerabilities at a glance

This application gives you access to consolidated information on your SAP vulnerabilities via five dashboards on a single platform: the CVE ID, the impacted component, the patch to implement, the associated SAP note… it’s all there! Turn your SAP vulnerability management into a simple, efficient and quick process.

Make the right decisions to secure your systems

The application – co-developed with our partner Cyberwatch, a reference in vulnerability management – assigns severity (CVSS) and exploitability scores to vulnerabilities, and checks for their presence in official catalogs.
It also takes your configurations into account to determine your vulnerability exposure and identify the most critical SAP vulnerabilities for your systems. With all this taken care of, you can focus on rapid patch deployment and risk neutralization.

Access an up-to-date database

The application is based on a vulnerability database, which is updated hourly. It is built on CVE standards (NVD and ANSI) and linked to SAP notes on the SAP support portal. This enables our solution to continuously search, detect and prioritize the vulnerabilities in your systems.

Quick and easy installation

Available on SAP store

This application is deployed on BTP and available on SAP store.

Minimum system requirements

Only an SAP Cloud Connector is needed to connect to the application. This application is easily set up.


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