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Google Cloud leverages the same infrastructure that Google uses for itself. It enables customers to integrate SAP with Google Cloud’s data management (BigQuery) and artificial intelligence services, to drive more value from your existing SAP system.

oXya is a Premier Partner, Managed Service Provider and SAP Specialization partner of Google Cloud.

Google Cloud offers innovative IaaS and PaaS solutions that are based on Google’s own infrastructure and on many years of IT management experience. By integrating its big data and machine-learning modules (BigQuery and AutoML) with SAP systems, Google Cloud provides significant value for SAP customers, leveraging the capabilities of HANA to analyze and predict business needs.

Google Cloud’s global footprint provides a high-speed and resilient network, bringing significant improvements to long distance connections for multinational SAP systems.

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Google Cloud awards and certifications

We offer a turnkey solution for you on Google Cloud

At oXya, our technical teams are helping you to assess and identify the mission critical workloads that are suitable for your migration to Google Cloud. Our infrastructure team is fully prepared to construct your landing zone, along with all other essential cloud foundation elements, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the migration process.

oXya developed a proven methodology to accelerate the migration of your workloads in Infrastructure-as-Code following the Google Cloud Architecture Framework. Our tailored approach meets the unique requirements of each industry vertical and customer specifications.

Upon successfully migrating to the public cloud, our expert technical team will continue to provide support, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing operational excellence as well as optimizing your cloud platform costs after your production go-live.

Running SAP on Google Cloud

At oXya, we offer unparalleled technical expertise to migrate and run your SAP applications on Google Cloud, with our team of certified professionals on Google Cloud, including architects, data engineers, and DevOps engineers.

Our services go beyond simply executing a lift-and-shift of your SAP applications to Google Cloud; we also assist you in maximizing the potential of your workload on Google Cloud with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics native APIs.

A long-standing partnership with Google Cloud

In July 2021, Google Cloud named oXya as the 2020 Global Specialization Partner of the Year – SAP on Google Cloud award winner. oXya was recognized for its achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping customers migrate their SAP systems to Google Cloud to achieve agility, flexibility, access to innovative technologies, and a reduction in TCO. oXya was certified as an SAP Specialist by Google Cloud in February 2021. Prior to that, in November 2019, Google Cloud chose oXya to be one of its select partners for the Cloud Transition Acceleration Program for SAP customers.

In 2023, oXya signed a global business partnership with Converge Technologies Solution to extend its service offering with IBM Power on Google Cloud (IP4G) on Google Cloud Marketplace.

oXya customer running on Google Cloud - Case study

Indigo Books & Music Inc. is prominent cultural leader, committed every day to promoting culture, lifestyles and literary discovery to Canadians. Highly recognized for its company culture emphasizing the values of diversity and inclusion, the company now has sales of CAD 1.06 billion and exerts an indisputable influence in its sector. In 2023, Indigo migrated all its SAP systems to the cloud to increase resilience and strengthen the security of its IT environment.

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