Xperion: An Innovative Real-Time Performance Management Tool

Data Performance analysis

The productivity of an organization is dependent on the proper performance of its mission-critical applications, such as SAP. With this in mind, oXya created the Xperion service, which significantly simplifies and accelerates real-time performance analysis by using dashboards, centralizing all KPIs and metrics. The service offers many advantages, such as clear information, quick problem identification and increased retention of historical data.

Xperion, an Innovative Telemetry Service

Xperion is a service developed by oXya to improve the customer experience. In the interest of facilitating and accelerating performance analysis, the service is built on an architecture that incorporates data collection. It is also based on the Elastic Stack tools and integrated into the Grafana open-source platform.

Xperion enhances this architecture with components that improve integration, namely in SAP environments.

Efficiency and Precision: Simultaneous Analysis of All Three Tiers

Elastic Stack tools allow you to collect information about the three tiers that make up your SAP environment:

  • The operating system
  • The database
  • The application level

With the basic tools offered by SAP, identifying the cause of a performance issue is often a complex task, since the data needed for analysis are stored in several places. Xperion centralizes all this information on a single dashboard. Analysis is far more precise and flexible than with conventional tools, and it allows you to save a significant amount of time.

From Installation to Operation: With oXya, You’ll Get Rapid Deployment

At oXya, we use automation tools to optimize our operations. Xperion was fully integrated into our suite of tools to accelerate its deployment in our customers’ environments.

In just a few hours, we can move from initial configuration to performance analysis.

Improved Retention of Historical Data

When investigating for performance issues, having good retention of historical data is essential to be able to clearly identify the causes. The consolidated data history of our Xperion service is a gold mine for our teams, allowing them to enhance their analyses.

Each tier retains historical data differently. After a certain period, you might still have access to the data history in your applications, but not necessarily in your database or operating system.

With our Xperion service, all the data is collected in real time and stored in a single reference tool that keeps the data history for a period of two months.

A Clear Advantage During Peak Periods

Thanks to real-time data processing and direct access to the dashboard, Xperion allows you to immediately identify bottlenecks and performance issues. The teams can quickly take action and ensure operational stability, even in periods of higher demand, like Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Moreover, Xperion gives us the ability to send precise performance reports to our clients during peak periods, ensuring their peace of mind.

More Operational Visibility with oXya’s Xperion

In the complex world of mission-critical applications, clarity is an invaluable asset. oXya can give you access to a tool containing all the aggregated data you need. You’ll be able to obtain a clear and concrete vision of your environments.

In addition, the convenience and simplicity of the service will improve the quality of communication and collaboration between your teams and oXya. Building a real partnership with our customers has always been a top priority.

Xperion is an innovative service designed to ensure optimal performance, facilitate data processing and save you a significant amount of time. Stand ready to address every challenge with agility.

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