Customers spread the word.

oXya is a company at the forefront of technology and the high level of expertise is much appreciated by its customers. Telling how good your services are is one thing, being supported by a customer testimonial is quite another. 2015, October

SAP HANA Certification

Earlier, SAP awarded oXya as Certified SAP Hosting & SAP Cloud Services Partner. Now, oXya also received a SAP HANA certification. 2015, June

oXya’s two-yearly customer survey.

One of the key factors that allowed oXya's fast growth - without having a sales force - is customer satisfaction which was consistently rated 98% in survey. 2015, May

Roundtable 21st May 2015: How to benefit from the MS Cloud in your SAP environment?

The partnership between SAP and Microsoft ensures customers to benefit from the MS Cloud in the SAP environment. On 21st May 2015 oXya wil be sharing knowledge on Live experience with SAP on MS Azure. 2015, May

Hitachi Data Systems Completes oXya Acquisition.

We’re joining forces with Hitachi Data Systems to enhance our global coverage and service capabilities.


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