The Future of B2B Commerce - Roundtable on Oct 6th 2016

In a joint presentation Elision and oXya are sharing their knowledge on e-commerce. During the roundtable, besides an in-depth review of SAP Hybris strengths, realizations and possibilities will be illustrated with the live experience of a customer.

The Hitachi Information Forum 2016 April 7th

Get inspired at the Hitachi Information Forum to get more out of your data, thus accelerating your digital transformation.

Hitachi Kakushin Event Reloaded

The storage industry has become a convergence zone for many of computing’s majour disruptive shifts. Knowledge around many aspects of this transformation journey was shared through the Hitachi Kakushin Reloaded Event. 2016, Febr 22

High availability of SAP HANA with SUSE

How does the SLES solution guarantee high availability of SAP HANA? What security levels are attained? What is the management scenario for a system recovery in the event of a failure? 2016, January

SAP HANA: oXya offers expertise, services & infrastructure

SAP HANA has a lot of benefits. Still, a migration is a complex process. By servicing nearly 20 years hundreds of SAP customers, oXya gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. 2015, December


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