Moving SAP to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Growing need for cloud services.

The cloud journey began from a personal storage system to an organization’s storage system and that’s how cloud has evolved giving large organizations the ability to adopt to connect better.

Case Study

During the Focus Discussion, Koen Grauls, BPM of Oh!Green, will share his experiences on the transition of the existing IT environment towards the Microsoft Cloud O365 & Azure. In a joint presentation oXya and Insight Belgium are sharing their knowledge on this topic.

oXya, a Hitachi Group Company, is a leader in SAP run management services and hosting solutions. oXya helps midsize and global organizations increase the efficiency and flexibility of their SAP infrastructure and supports operations.

Insight Belgium is a leading provider of computer software, cloud solutions and IT services to business and the public sector clients. Insight helps organzations to run their business  more efficiently and to modernize through Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™.

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Date & Time: 28 February 2019, 2am
Venue: Microsoft Zaventem

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