Wondering if SAP S/4HANA is right for you?

Whether you are managing financials, logistics or reporting; whether you are hosting on-premise or in the cloud, SAP S/4HANA can offer your company a lot of benefits! But are you ready to start your S/4HANA journey? Relatively few companies can answer “yes”. Most find themselves faced with many unanswered questions.

  • How can we transform to meet the future needs of our business?
  • What trends are shaping business in today’s highly disruptive world?
  • What benefits can S/4HANA bring to our business?
  • How can we improve productivity and optimize utilization of IT resources?
  • How can we accelerate our business agility and speed?

Setting up an S/4HANA strategy to suit your company’s specific needs can be a challenging task.

Migration is a complex process. Servicing hundreds of SAP customers worldwide over the past 2 decades, oXya has a wealth of experience and knowledge in SAP technology.

oXya offers consulting services as well as SAP hosting and managed services, regardless of whether you are using your own infrastructure, an oXya cloud-based offering, or a hybrid combination. Few companies have the in-house expertise to pull off such business-critical projects without help from third-party consultants or service providers. oXya can guide you on your S/4HANA journey, helping you to find the right answers with:

  • An ECC-to-S/4HANA PoC – an experimental migration which will allow you to experience S/4 in your own business context;
  • Technical advice & assessment – helping you to plan and prepare a migration program;
  • Operations & management – to maintain, support and optimize your SAP and cloud applications.

Is the S/4HANA journey justified for your business?

An SAP customer cannot afford to be left behind with systems that are less efficient and less competitive than its competition. oXya can help uncover the S/4HANA benefits that are unique to your own IT landscape. This will help you to evaluate the benefits of S/4HANA for your business and, where appropriate, to “sell” the migration to your management, demonstrating its benefits & ROI. We will help you build a business case that begins with S/4HANA migration and continues as you experience the benefits of the new system.

A SAP ECC-to-S/4HANA PoC has 4 major steps:

  1. Identify a suitable SAP ECC environment which is representative of the data and processes within your company;
  2. Copy SAP ECC to the oXya cloud (we are SAP-certified in cloud services & SAP hosting services)
  3. Upgrade ECC to S/4HANA (we are SAP-certified in HANA operations);
  4. Run the S/4HANA PoC in your own environment for 30 days or more.


oXya offers you all the technical services you will need to secure the migration to a private cloud environment. There is no hardware investment required and no technical investment required. We can offer you the opportunity to conduct a cost-efficient proof of concept with SAP’s newest and most advanced technologies!


This PoC could assist you in a decision of whether to move forward with a full S/4HANA migration and provide insights regarding the best approach for your project.

Need more power for less money?

At the outset of a project, it is often difficult to anticipate how many SAP instances the company will need, including those required for training and development. Cloud offers customers the flexibility to right-size their implementation and enable quick access to any kind of new SAP instance, even for a temporary need. SAP S/4HANA infrastructure typically consumes more resources than for traditional systems, both in terms of processing power and memory. After our PoC assessment, your company can determine its own specific infrastructure and support needs, without any up-front investment. Moreover, in addition to our private SAP HANA Cloud solutions, oXya can also support you with a wide range of SAP-certified public cloud solutions.
As an SAP-certified partner, we have the knowledge, expertise and credentials to run SAP on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), MS Azure Cloud, AWS cCloud, and Google Cloud. Unlike other companies, we’re not “locked in” to selling a specific solution to customers. Instead, we help our customers identify the best solution for them, helping them to achieve their business goals, grow, and become even more successful. For example, most companies will save money by moving sandbox, quality, and development environments to the cloud. Moving old “decommissioned” systems can also help optimize TCO.


oXya looks forward to speaking with you, answering questions, and advising on how to improve your results with SAP. We can also share public results from customers who have gone through similar migrations.
Contact oXya Benelux: benelux@oxya.com or call us at +32 56 23 43 10.