Expansion of the oXya data center in the North of France

Expansion of the oXya data center in the North of France

oXya continues to invest in its hosting infrastructure and provide its customers with even more secure solutions.

It has taken 10 months of building work before the opening of the 3d independent computer room to host ‘campus cluster’. By increasing the hosting capacity by 2/3, oXya can now host 330 racks in the ‘North’.

Project managing the entire construction of all its data centres, oXya has used its expertise and chose to use the best practice in this field. Being environment friendly, oXya has renovated an existing industrial zone.


An independent third computer room

The purpose of this project was to cater for an independent computer room in terms of power supply and cooling system. Choices were focused on the redundancy of electrical and cooling systems. Transformers and generators have been made redundant where necessary. Additionally, this computer room is physically isolated from the other rooms.


Choices made to address availability and security requirements

oXya has chosen best practice to guarantee its customer availability and security:

  • Cabling: electric and network cables have been suspended from the ceiling. The air flow is better and under less variation, and on site activities are easier, more accurate and less expensive.
  • Fire safety using gas: the fire detection systems have been unchanged as they provide the best protection and guarantee continuity.
  • Air conditioning: reliable and easily adapted over time, this solution answers more efficiently to power consumption needs.
  • Cooling: cold corridor is the latest generation of cooling in terms of energy management.

Quality service driven by proximity

The closeness of the system administration team guarantees a good response time.

With the third computer room oXya demonstrates its desire to welcome new customers and supports the growth of its current portfolio, guaranteeing the same levels of availability, security, responsiveness in the management of its customers systems.