oXya is committed to deliver High Quality of SAP technical system services

We are focused exclusively on SAP. With our unbiased approach to delivering SAP technical services, we are independent from any supplier defending the interests of our customers.

We engender a culture of dedication and commitment to support your business objectives. This culture makes us focus on delivering a high quality of service.

Specific SLA's are Available

We are happy to develop specific SLA's for our outsourcing services and solutions. Example SLA's include:

  • Supply of infrastructure - servers/storage/back-ups/LAN
  • Managed hosting for SAP
  • 24/7 Monitoring/operation support services
  • Technical administration services for SAP

Providing Services Where You Are

The exclusive dedication to SAP is a unique quality in today’s market.

Our services delivery organization is built on proven processes, a collaborative delivery model and reliable resources. Hosting and service centers operate redundantly. They are maintained by a dedicated team.

A Global Infrastructure with a Local Presence

Our Dedicated SAP Administration Teams Ensure Optimal Performance

Your SAP Administration specialists provide complete SAP landscape administration with each team having OS, DB and SAP Basis skills.

Specialized Expertise in a Large Range of SAP Technologies

Through an exclusive focus on technical SAP projects for over 10 years, oXya has developed in-depth expertise in a large range of SAP platforms as well as in supporting IT technologies.

Providing the Right Level of Project Management Support

Highly specialized technical experts focus exclusively on providing technical support to you on the complete range of SAP platforms and supporting IT technologies.

A project manager will lead your SAP technical team. The project manager organizes and coordinates the activities of his team using proven project management procedures and best practices. Throughout your engagement, the project manager provides you with a detailed list of operation procedures and infrastructure documentation.

We provide on-demand consulting and assisted project management services during your own SAP deployment or migration.

Dedicated and efficient services delivery model

To efficiently deliver consistent services, ongoing administration and support operations are executed by the same team that carried out the infrastructure deployment or migration. Change management processes for problems and incidents are based on ITIL recommendations. Continuous improvement on quality of services is achieved by sharing operational best practices and procedures among our services delivery teams.

The model has a natural ability to manage all SAP applications

oXya’s service delivery model is based on an integrated and compact organization designed for managing critical SAP infrastructures and operations. In our model, dedicated technical teams are responsible for the administration and support of a set of assigned SAP customers. This assures that each team fully understands the operational requirements of their assigned customers on a daily basis. This puts each team in a position to proactively plan for changes required by evolving business conditions.
Our service delivery model is different from the traditional model in the way that it is built on a series of specialized teams of competencies dispersed geographically. While the traditional model allows operational cost reduction, it splits responsibilities among different teams which heavily complicates the delivery of consistent services and significantly increases incident escalation and resolution times.
At oXya, we believe that the key to efficient delivery of technical administration and support services for SAP, is to have one committed team in charge of the complete SAP landscape.

We Provide Solutions to cope with Your Greatest Challenges

Our 24/7 monitoring and support services provide solutions to two of your greatest and most common challenges:

  • Ensuring your automatic application monitoring tools accurately catch all incidents
  • Minimizing or reducing the need for human incident analysis and intervention required to re-launch aborted jobs

Our service delivery model is built around the use of specialized automated monitoring tools and operations teams who manually monitor your SAP applications 24/7.

We Provide Operations Support and SAP availability 24/7

We manage your IT servers and systems so you can focus on what is really important to your business.
We work closely with you to understand your operational requirements and then use that knowledge to customize Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that meet your specific operation monitoring and support requirements. Our service delivery model is based upon:

  • An automatic monitoring tool designed specifically for SAP
  • Teams of operators who monitor applications and address incidents 24/7
  • ITIL-compliant best practices for diagnostics and troubleshooting

We are passionate about combining dedicated monitoring tools and human analysis capabilities within our monitoring and support services to help provide our customers with an optimal SAP experience to their users and business partners around the clock.

Our Monitoring and Support Capabilities Are Designed for Continuity of Services

Our 24/7 monitoring and support resources are distributed among 3 distinct centers.

Our centers of excellence ensure continuity of services should an event cause one of the centers to go off-line temporarily. Common and integrated monitoring tools and service delivery procedures have been implemented giving us economies of scale, supported by standardized documentation and audit trail functionalities.

Our continuity of services plan also provides us with the flexibility and scalability at one of more locations, should your business needs require such flexibility.

Our Monitoring Tools Enforce Timely Delivery of Consistent Service Levels

The backbone of our service delivery architecture is the Koaly MIS monitoring tool. Koaly maintains the quality of the services we deliver, ITIL-compliancy of our procedures, and the consistency of the services we provide around the globe.

Our monitoring tools offer the following key features and functionalities:

  • Monitoring of SLA performance indicators (Service Level Agreements)
  • Management and supervision of target environment
  • Management of tickets (requests – incidents – problems)
  • Management of materials and documentation
  • Centralization and archiving of all incidents and associated escalation activities
  • Scheduling of monitoring activities by operators
  • Planning of incident escalation procedures.

We Offer Secure Self Service Options for Operators and Customers

To enhance your ability to actively monitor your business processes, we provide you with secure self-service access to your incident reports, daily activity reports, operation events, and other relevant data particular to your SAP landscape.

All performance indicators and incident escalation procedures for Service Level Agreements for each individual customer are registered and documented in a secure and private space in Koaly. These private spaces are only accessible for designated users with special access rights. Internally our service delivery teams use Koaly for completing scheduled monitoring tasks, accessing incident escalation instructions, documenting change requests, and administration tasks specific to your SAP landscape.

Providing Secure and Redundant Data Centers

In today’s fast-paced economy, SAP systems have become critical, centralized business applications need to be up and running 24/7.

This imposes significant challenges to you and your IT teams. We designed our data centers to meet the many different technical challenges by offering SAP hosting that provides secure, high operational reliability with state-of-the-art security.


Our data centers have state of the art reliability and security features including:

  • 24/7/365 security guard protection for physical access security and premises protection
  • Dual computer rooms on each site for increased server availability
  • Campus cluster solutions
  • Fully redundant 2N electrical systems
  • Power generators
  • N + 1 redundant computer room cooling systems
  • Early warning fire detection and extinction systems
  • Large choice of telecom operators
  • 24/7 on premises operation, monitoring and maintenance personnel

Ensuring Continuity of Services

Our data centers are directly connected via a permanent and dedicated communication backbone. They are secured with a second high-speed connection. Disaster Recovery (DR) Plans cover a spectrum of solutions ranging from cold standby servers located in a DR center to active DR servers updated in real-time 24/7/365.

Solutions to provide continuity of operation

The DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) is designed to maintain continuity of production environments in the case of disasters and events such as; major damage to an entire data center, destruction of systems or loss of databases.

oXya offers Disaster Recovery Services based on redundant data centers separated by distances great enough to prevent a regional disaster from impacting multiples centers at the same time. Redundant production systems located in different data centers are kept in synch via a set of dedicated broadband links interconnecting the data centers.
The DRP features/price ratio offered by oXya is unparalleled in the industry for DRP solutions based on 2 redundant data centers interlinked by 3 broadband links.

DRP services compliant with the Sarbanes Oxley requirements

To be compliant with SOX requirements companies are required to have a DRP that addresses the security of IT systems in the case of a regional disaster. The DRP services offered by oXya are designed to meet this requirement by operating the main SAP landscape in a primary data center and a simplified “mirror” landscape in a distant data center. The continuous transmission of data updates from the primary landscape to the “mirror” landscape by log shipping technologies ensures that the “mirror” landscape is always in a position to take over production in the case of the loss of the primary landscape. Our DRP services include periodic tests of all aspects of the production transfer procedure from the primary landscape to the “mirror” landscape.


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