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Junior IT Systems Administrator

The Junior IT Systems Administrator performs systems and network administration tasks within the framework of well-defined instructions. They are responsible for all aspects of the administration of computer and network systems and SAP basis components for multiple customers deploying a large diversity of IT technologies.

Major duties and responsibilities include;

  • Monitor and manage system resources including network response times and CPU / disk usage
  • Resolve production problems and difficulties based on pre-set procedures and company defined best practices policies
  • Participate in SAP Basis component upgrades and migration projects
  • Respond to network security related incidents
  • Keep current with updated security and monitoring procedures.


Senior IT Systems Administrator

Senior IT Systems Administrators have the responsibility of performing overall systems and network administration tasks with limited supervision. They are in charge of coordinating team activities to maintain complete systems supporting SAP applications at optimum operating level. They are also in charge of monitoring systems performance and security levels. Senior IT Systems administrators are responsible for providing accurate statistics on systems operating conditions and are involve in systems change management planning.

Major duties and responsibilities include;

  • Install and maintain servers, operating systems, and network equipment
  • Demonstrate leadership and develop teamwork-based problem solving
  • Organize resource allocations at team level to provide optimum end-user satisfaction in a multi-client environment
  • Review system performance statistics, perform configuration modifications and fixes
  • Interact with customers and vendors to maintain operating condition at optimum level.



SAP Basis Component Consultant – Junior / Senior

The SAP Basis Component Consultant plans and performs complete SAP landscape upgrades, migration, and technical change management projects in close interaction with the clients at their site.

Major duties and responsibilities include;

  • Review complex problem situations and identify preventive measures / improvements to processes, procedures or tools, and implement these as required
  • Participate in system/network projects/enhancements by representing department and providing technical advice/solutions ensuring adherence to documented processes and procedures and risk mitigation efforts.





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