Sébastien S. - Expert with oXya since 2001

A technical job with autonomy
I carry out consulting missions for numerous clients.  I work either alone with the client or as part of one of oXya’s existing teams. My missions are technical and often concern highly specialized subjects, always relating to SAP.  Over the years, I have capitalized in terms of experience.  oXya is highly competitive in the SAP technical world.  We respond according to the clients best interests, with a genuinely close relationship.  What pleases me most is the autonomy that I’m granted.  I’m extremely independent.  I don’t depend on a team.  I like this way of working. 
Diversity of interventions
Another attraction of my job rests in the diversity of technologies in which I work.  Even if I intervene in two places with identical problems, the solution is always different.  My work is anything but repetitive.

A Signposted journey
For me, joining oXya has represented an opportunity to be able to work with SAP.  At the beginning I worked as an administrator.  Then the business developed, the teams became structured.  I therefore had the choice of evolving as a project manager or as an expert.  I chose expert through preference.  Throughout my time at oXya, I’ve been on training courses.  Equally we learn a lot from experience and from others. My colleagues are always available.  Whenever we need someone, they are there. 

Being an ambassador, an efficient manner of helping others
This technical help forum allows all employees to ask questions or consult existing answers.  As an ambassador, I have 2 or 3 areas of intervention of my own.  It is always pleasing to help a colleague and to see your competencies are appreciated.  That also allows us to consolidate internal knowledge.

Matthieu P. – Service Delivery Manager with oXya since 2006

A Career for “Relationships” 
I am the interface between the clients and oXya’s administration teams.  The objective: deliver the outlined service for the contracts and integration projects.  On one side, I listen attentively to the client’s needs and on the other hand I find an appropriate colleague who brings the appropriate technical skills.

What pleases me most is the contact with the client and the organization implicated with driving the project.  I am in close contact with the clients, attentive to their expectations.  I look for the best solution to improve things.  There is a large amount of creativity and it is that which makes it exciting.

A quick evolution matching my choices
I joined the business as an intern.  To finish off my education, I wanted to work with databases.  As I didn’t know SAP, it was a good way to discover it.  I joined an administration group for 3 years.  My job carried both technical and relational parts.  My competences increased as time went by.  Through preference, I became more involved in client relations until my recent evolution to project manager.  
Originally I was rather a shy person, but this relationship has totally changed me.  I communicat with business managers, CIOs, IT managers… I could never have imagined finding as much satisfaction and fulfillment.  This is the opportunity that oXya offers.

A spirit of solidarity and a willingness to help
All oXya collaborators are close.  Everyone is able to find time for the others.  This is invaluable for my own work, our reactivity and the quality of response for the clients.  Also contributing to this team spirit is the fact that we work in oXya’s offices, even if we have appointments with clients.  We know each other well and that favors team work.

To be an ambassador = to be part of the internal training scheme
The ambassador program is a tool which allows us to formalize the closeness that we have between us.  On the web forum, we can speak with oXya’s centers, read previous discussions and find information quickly.  As an ambassador I am registered as a “referent” on one or more technical themes.  I am responsible for my theme; I enrich it and respond to the questions of others.  For me, that represents an excellent manner of passing on the technical abilities that I’ve acquired.  It is equally gratifying to see my abilities acknowledged.  It is a good way to keep my toes dipped into the technical side.  For our clients, we gain in reactivity thanks to having a rapid experience base available to us.

Grégory P.B. - Project Manager with oXya since 2002

A three pronged job
I lead technical projects, I take care of client relations and I manage the internal teams.  My daily routine involves; technical planning, team management, advising clients, monthly reporting and participating in technical committees with the client.  Our commitment to our clients is complete, whatever their size.  An ambition for excellence is in everything we do.

A large technical range of interventions
What pleases me the most is the technical diversity that we face during our missions.  We intervene with all types of databases existing on the market as well as all types of OS. We also work with all versions and ranges of SAP products.  It is a rapidly developing market, very promising.     .

Technical ability throughout oXya
Internally, we have an excellent support network.  We can always call upon the appropriate competence when needed.  This work with experts is fundamental for the quality of our service.
We also have freedom in our internal relationships with no real notion of hierarchy.  I can call the experts at other centers directly according to their field of expertise.  At the same time, there are some specialized profiles in my group. I can call upon them just as easily.  At oXya we are renowned for our technical skills and know-how.

An Evolution which matches my motivation
I joined oXya as a junior SAP administrator.  I worked shadowing the seniors.  Then I had the opportunity to work alone with a client.  That allowed me to directly confront technical problems and to rapidly increase my competencies.  I then asked for a transfer to Lyon.  The business was growing and I became a project manager.  I had wished from the start to progress and I was given the opportunity.  The fact that oXya is an expanding business gives numerous evolutionary possibilities.

Marion M. – SAP Consultant with oXya since 2008

A multi-task job with an international opening

My work is essentially the administration of my clients SAP systems.  I also work with the management of projects (PMO) and the quality of the team’s management documentation.  With this latest point I have great freedom.  I am left to take the initiative, make propositions and put them in place.  There is an amount of creativity which pleases me.  From a general point of view, the projects are varied as well as the technologies.  The people I am in contact with can be based in Brazil, Germany or China.  It’s a culturally rich experience.

SAP: technology and variety
I started with oXya with a 9 month internship and which lead to a permanent contract.  I discovered oXya on a business forum within my university.  I was attracted by the core activity:  IT systems in general and SAP in particular.  I didn’t want to work on development only.  The business is young and dynamic with an open-minded approach.  It concentrates on a large diversity in terms of apprenticeship.   It isn’t always the image that we have of SAP, but here things are technical and varied.

An efficient integration
Upon my arrival, I knew nothing at all about SAP. I followed training courses to acquire the basics.  My colleagues were always available, and the integration went really well.  People have time. You have to be interested.  After, we are quickly able to start working in situation.

A dynamic environment and an attentive hierarchy 
At oXya, the atmosphere is young and the projects are numerous.  It’s a company which is growing and heading upwards.  I’m not blocked in a specific role, nothing is routine.  I’m evolving little by little.  There are multiple project perspectives with numerous things to be put in place.  What’s more, the managers are close to us.  There is a strong human side and a real concern for the employees.  The balance between private and work lives is as important for our hierarchy.  A truly open spirit exists, when I suggest something, people listen.

Faouzi B. – Monitoring Technician with oXya since 2007

A Diverse profession
I work in the monitoring department.  I look after the operations and monitoring of some of our clients' systems.  We work in shifts of 8 hours covering the day 24/7.  In practical terms we have monitors which show us the current alerts.  Following each alert we have a procedure to follow.  My job is not monotonous: it is interesting and progressive.  For me, IT is a passion.  Working with SAP databases is a great opportunity.  A real career perspective.

Positive stress
Our interventions affect the heart of IT.  We manage our client’s most sensitive sectors.  That requires precision and responsiveness in our work.  There can be pressure, but it is positive.  For example, it is vital that our clients production chains do not shut down.  These are massive problems and that means our work is as important.

A welcoming company with a strong community spirit
Right from the beginning, I found that there was a great atmosphere.  The people that I met were welcoming and warm.  Everyone works as a team.  We are not alone in front of a screen.  There is always someone to speak to, to help us.  We know each other well; there is a great spirit, a good framework to work and great professionalism.

Confidence at all levels
Our hierarchy gives us confidence.  We are autonomous.  We have our clients to manage; it’s up to us to be reliable.  This confidence makes us want to work to the best of our ability and as quickly as possible.  With the client there is also a mutual confidence. That’s why so many of our clients remain loyal.

Christophe H. – Expert with Oxya since 1999

A specialized occupation with a lot of autonomy
I do installation missions, SAP migrations and databases on different architectures.  I advise and assist clients regarding specialized SAP domains.  I also analyze our clients SAP systems.  These are always short term missions, from a day up to a few months.  My job offers autonomy and responsibility.

A mobility which allows the enrichment of knowledge
I have taken part in interventions all over France.  For me mobility allows me to learn more.  I love being able to move, seeing different clients, falling upon dissimilar problems.  I find working with oXya very motivating.  What’s more, we do our job within a convivial company where there is an excellent working atmosphere.  It’s oXya’s spirit!

Advancing technology and a wide spectrum for intervention
In the expert domain, our interventions are varied.  We are in contact with competent client interlocutors.   We have developed a large pool of knowledge considering the number and variety of our clients.  We work with several different systems which give the experience to become an expert such as; SAP, Java, Abap. I have acquired these competences as well with operating systems such as Unix and Windows… I have carried out operations with several databases; Oracle, MS SQL… I also know different versions of SAP.

An orchestrated evolution
I started up with oXya as a monitoring technician.  It was the start of the business.  I didn’t know SAP upon my arrival.  I was able to acquire knowledge through training and shadowing expert consultants.  It’s the best way to learn.  Rapidly I became a SAP administrator.  I acquired a certain experience before becoming expert.  Today, I still continue with training courses on products or on new modules for example.


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