Aligning Technology with Business Objectives

We align your underlying technical SAP architecture with your business objectives ensuring you can efficiently deploy and run your SAP applications.

SAP applications are designed to provide comprehensive support across a variety of business functions such as purchasing, production, logistics, HR and more.

We work with your team to ensure that the technical aspects of your SAP solutions you select best address your operational challenges and meet your business objectives.

Providing Customized Infrastructure Design

We design customized IT infrastructure solutions based on a detailed analysis and understanding of your SAP landscape respecting your service level objectives.

Our key objective is to translate your requirements into a concrete technical architecture. We accomplish this by continuously maintaining and building in-depth knowledge of different SAP solutions and product lines from IT vendors such as servers, networking components, security solutions, storage and backup systems.

This in-depth technical knowledge allows our SAP architects to build technical solutions tailored to your operational needs.



The first step of the design process consists of:

  • Mapping the chosen SAP application solutions
  • Understanding the key business processes you will be implementing
  • Identifying the specifics of the operational context in terms of:
    - volume of users and business data
    - jobs (batch)
    - flows (interfaces)
    - organizational, geographical, or other constraints
    - service levels objectives in terms of availability, performance, criticality, upgradeability, and reactivity
  • Organizing the target landscape
  • Sizing resources


Step 2 involves specifying the different technical components of your technical infrastructure. Your project team creates a technical architecture taking into account known elements, formal, informal, or organizational using the following criteria:

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Scalability, for addressing anticipated developments within the company
  • Reliablity, following best practices

Dedicated SAP Technology Specialist

oXya offers a full range of integrated services in a “We run SAP for you” way. This comprehensive offering allows us to respond to you with a permanent technological evolution, in all phases of your project. Our ambition is to help you improve your agility and reactivity, while simultaneously reducing the operations costs of your technical environment.

We are a SAP Netweaver technology expert as well as a master of SAP technologies, including: databases, operating systems, and hardware architectures. We possess the expertise in Netweaver technology required for achieving optimal performance from SAP and its system layers and materials, The value we bring to you includes our capacity for providing the most experienced technical resources and expertise in the field. Our continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of technology have positioned us as the benchmarking standard for monitoring SAP technical evolutions within the SAP ecosystem.

MetoX – our own architecture design methodology

Our infrastructure architects have translated their expertise and the lessons learned from a large number of projects into a pragmatic and efficient architecture design methodology called MetoX.

The key benefits offered by the MetoX methodology are:

  • Providing consistent quality of architecture design
  • Providing the “daily Run” as part of our SAP facilities management solutions
  • Having a precise evaluation of the systems
  • Providing punctual and efficient reporting
  • Permanent optimization through tuning phases
  • Upgrades, following the technical evolution of SAP Netweaver®, while minimizing the risks and downtime
  • Having strong propositions for potential evolutions and enhancements for operations.

The architecture design methodology MetoX and our standard “all inclusive” Service Level Agreement are the golden standards that define the quality of our managed hosting solutions.


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