Services Delivery Model

Services delivery efficiency based on dedicated resources

Complete integration of 3 lines of services

Our services delivery organization efficiently provides comprehensive SAP administration and hosting solutions through the operational integration of 3 lines of services – Hosting, 24/7 monitoring and SAP Basis administration.

oXya maintains a team of SAP experts to assist our 3 lines of services with the resolution of 3rd level incidents or complex customer requests.
The organization of our services delivery model is fully compliant with the ITIL guidelines. In particular all key processes are based on ITIL concepts and recommendations to guarantee application availability and efficient management of situations such as change requests and incident resolution.

The quality of service delivered by our integrated services delivery organization is the foundation of the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.


“Follow the incident” or “follow the sun”?

24 by 7 organizations can be based on either a single team in one location working in shifts around the clock or multiple teams in multiple locations working as a relay and following the sun around the globe.
At oXya, our 24 by 7 organization is based on the concept of “follow the incident”; each level 2 customer support team is responsible and accountable for the escalation and resolution of incidents related to their allocated customer systems. This approach avoids incident handovers from one team to another and offers the benefit of efficient continuity of incident resolution services under the responsibility of one team.

SAP endorses the quality of services delivered by oXya

oXya obtained the renewed Certified SAP Hosting partner status, in recognition for its know-how and the quality of its hosting resources and ITIL compliant services delivery processes.
SAP awarded oXya as Certified SAP Hosting Partner status after an in-depth audit of our two data centers and our complete service delivery organization.
The large number of satisfied customers confirmed the positive conclusions of the audit and confirmed oXya’s status of SAP Certified Hosting Partner.
With almost 100 technical services and hosting SLAs in place and over 40 SAP upgrades and other consulting projects completed in partnership with SAP, oXya is a well respected player in the SAP ecosystem.

ISAE3402: Worldwide recognition

Organizations regularly perform internal audit procedures to validate that their business practices are compliant with Sarbanes Oxley or other industry specific regulatory requirements. To validate that services out-sourced to external services providers are also compliant, organizations often required that their services providers are ISAE3402 certified.

An ISAE3402 audit (Service Organization Controls Report) is an audit issued upon by independent and certified auditors and expresses an opinion on the procedures and controls in place within a services provider’s organization to provide services on behalf of its clients. The ISAE3402 Report is what you would have previously considered to be the standard SAS 70.

The ISAE3402 audit report is intended to be used by other auditors - those of its customers in particular. It addresses the necessity for service companies to show that they have relevant controls in place when hosting or processing data belonging to their customers.

The entire oXya organization is ISAE3402 compliant

oXya has gone through the ISAE3402 audit process, covering the entire scope of our outsourcing services:

  • Data centers
  • Monitoring / operations
  • Administration
  • Governance

Our operational delivery model organized to be ITIL compatible

On a daily basis our customers perceive oXya as a dedicated team in charge of support and administration services operating as an extension to their internal IT team. Our dedicated teams operate as integrated service desks allocated to individual customers. Under the responsibility of a Services Delivery Manager/Team leader each support team provides daily support, plans and anticipates change requests, analyzes and resolves incidents.

Stable, competent, responsive, each Services Delivery Team uses our internal services monitoring tools – Koaly - to track and document every action performed on customers’ systems.

In particular Koaly offer functionalities to create and manage services delivery procedures and associated documentation that precisely follows ITIL incident/problem/change cycle and CMBD (Configuration Management Data Base) recommendations. All procedure definitions and documentation are accessible to authorized stakeholders through a secure web connection to Koaly.

Koaly – IT infrastructure and operation monitoring framework designed for SAP

Designed for services delivery teams in charge of the support and administration of IT infrastructures supporting SAP applications, Koaly is a web based portal that provides a complete set of features compliant with ITIL recommendations;

    • Management of incidents and problems
    • Management of requests and changes
    • Management of infrastructures and configurations
    • Supervision of equipments and applications
    • Electronic management of documents
    • Management of recurrent tasks
    • Management of passwords
    • Publication of reports.


Koaly offers the benefits of complete traceability of service center actions, standardization of tasks among customers, service management and constant update of the administration and support knowledge database.
Our support teams and customers see Koaly as an efficient tools to support their daily IT monitoring and administration activities and particularly appreciate its key characteristics;

  • Access through a web portal (Intranet and/or Extranet)
  • Easy set up, deployment and administration
  • Intuitive features which do not require extensive training
  • Rapid access to information
  • Security and performance.


More on Koaly and ITIL

Security, a major expectation

In today’s business environment, the security of their IT systems is a major for every organization and a key aspect of the selection process of the hosting solutions vendor.
At oXya, we have a team of security specialists to work with our customers to fully understand and meet their IT security requirements in terms of;

  • Permanent integrity of their IT system
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of information.

Permanent integrity of the IT system

Our mission includes a key objective which is to guarantee the permanent availability and optimal operating conditions of the IT systems we host and managed for our customers. We meet this objective by investing time and talent in the design and implementation of;

  • Resilient and redundant data center infrastructure and resources
  • Operation and administration procedures in line with the requirements of individual customers.


Data Center Infrastructure

Our Hosting data centers are interconnected via broadband connections and offer state of the art features in line with industry best practices;

  • Physical security 24/7
  • Completely redundant electrical and air conditioning systems
  • Sophisticated fire detection and extinction system
  • Multiple range of telecoms operators
  • Ability to implement Camper Cluster solutions between 2 rooms
  • DRP Solution more than 200Km apart
  • Operations, monitoring and maintenance 24/7 for installations and technical equipments.

Operation and Administration procedures

  • The solution’s robustness
  • The redundancy of the components
  • The security of the technical architecture (cluster, data replication…)
  • Possible dispersion over multiple data centers
  • The implementation or not of DRP
  • Network security policy (restored access, insulation)
  • A redundant network access
  • Follow up of changes.

Guaranteed confidentiality of information

One of our most fundamental responsibilities is to protect the confidentiality of the information located on the systems we host for our customers, both in terms of physical and logical access. The increased mobility of users can present, for example, a danger for the confidentiality of information exchanged over the network.  Our main challenge is to constantly guarantee that only authorized personnel securely access to data, based on their user rights maintained in their user profile.

Our vigilance focuses mainly on following points;

  • Control and monitoring of access to the hosting site as well as the hosting rooms
  • Security of backup medias externally in a vault room
  • Establishment of leak proof networks and isolation of servers within demilitarized networks (DMZ)
  • Monitoring of networks and intrusion attempts
  • System administration and management of user accounts and rights.

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