Sustainable Development


oXya is a company mindful of its social responsibilities and respectful of the environment. Our organization applies high standards of professional ethics to the daily management of our team, interactions with our customers, and development of Green IT services respectful of the environment.

Professional Ethics

oXya promotes and maintains high standards of business ethics based on our belief that  mutual confidence and respect are the best guarantees of long term and successful relationships with our employees, customers and business partners.

Social Responsibility

At oXya we truly believe that the collective intelligence and personal well being of our employees is the main asset of our organization and the continued source for excellence in the services and solutions we provide to our customers.    
The management of our organization emphasizes on closeness and loyalty to our employees; oXya is a friendly business with a place for everyone.  In our simple and straightforward organization structure, decisions are made quickly and employees evolve in a confident and dynamic environment which allows them to fully express their qualities. 

Green IT

Sustainable development can generate new opportunities. Through technical innovation and in an effort to increase its energy efficiency, oXya also contributes its share to reducing global climate change.

oXya has implemented and further develops policies to limit the use of natural resources and promote the use of renewable resources and energies. 
As for many IT companies, oXya is confronted with growing energy needs, which is why we have engaged in programs that ensure that our data centers are more efficient and consume less energy.

The implementation of innovative solutions, such as heating our office space with heat collected from our computer rooms, allows us to reduce our electricity bill and energy footprint at the same time.

Environmental responsibility on a daily basis

oXya constantly carries the spirit of respect for the planet and operates with a sustainable approach in every day’s activities. Every one of oXya’s personnel is engaged in this collective approach, down to simple daily acts such as limiting prints and recycling used batteries.  For data center sites this also involves heat management and waste separation.  To put this policy into effect, oXya is going to publish an internal charter for good environmental conduct.


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